WaterMaker 5 Reverse Osmosis System

Pure Water & Convenient Design. 

Do you want pure drinking water at home? Of course you do! There are many reasons for poor-quality water. One of the most common problems is the presence of chlorine and other harmful elements in our tap water. If ignored, these chemicals build up in your body and cause problems. Don’t let your family ingest these chemicals. It’s time for you to get a quality water purification system that can supply your family with pure, clean water anytime they need it.

The WaterMaker Five is one of the most popular and efficient reverse osmosis systems available on the market. It uses high capacity sediment prefilters to eliminate suspended solids like salt while reducing water waste with the help of a new membrane configuration.

This filtration system is an amazing choice for every family in every way. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also more compact and only requires minimal annual maintenance. Call the experts at JustUs Softening now to get your very own WaterMaker Five Reverse Osmosis System.

Compact 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis

The WaterMaker Five Reverse Osmosis System features a four-stage prefilter, membrane and postfilter housed in one cartridge. The last stage, an in-line carbon filter, is situated between the faucet and the tank. Every time you turn on your faucet, your water will go through these 5-stages before reaching your glass which results in fresh, great tasting, fully hydrating water without all the junk. Here are the stages:

First Stage: The 20-micron sediment prefilter eliminates dirt and suspended solids.

Second Stage: The second stage, which goes through a granular activated carbon (GAC) prefilter, lessens chlorine and organic compounds.

Third Stage: The thin-film, high flow reverse osmosis membrane lessens hardness and dissolved salts.

Fourth Stage: The water goes through the post filter after the membrane eliminates residual odor and taste.

Fifth Stage: The granular activated carbon post-filter between the faucet and tank functions as the final step for water purification. Now you have amazing water to drink!

Features Of The Watermaker Five

Faster Tank Refill. The 50-GPD membrane fills the tank a lot faster so you can have water anytime you need it.

Improved Prefiltration. The high-quality GAC prefilter now offers improved chlorine protection.

Green By Design®. The WaterMaker Five Reverse Osmosis System uses advanced membrane technology to lessen the amount of wastewater by 50%.

Easy Maintenance. The annual maintenance process is easy and quick. All you need to do is remove its cover and then replace the primary cartridge. No complex tools or plumbing connections required. Moreover, the in-line postfilter uses quick-connect fittings for maximum convenience.

NSF Standard 58. The WaterMaker Five Reverse Osmosis System has been certified by the WQA (Water Quality Association) to ANSI/NSF Standard 58 for effectively lessening fluoride, lead, cysts, and more in drinking water.

Less Waste, More Water. The reverse osmosis process is designed to reduce wastewater, resulting in big water savings.

Watermaker Five System Specifications

Performance Specifications

 Membrane System with Tank
Production40 GPD
(151 LPD)
21.6 GPD
(81.8 LPD)
TDS Rejection95%95%

Dimensions and Weight

9.72″ W x 13.75″ D x 15.38″ H (24.7 x 34.9 x 39.1 cm)

Feeding Water Requirements

Pressure40-80 psi (275 kPa - 552 kPa)
Temp40F - 100F (4C - 38C)
TDS<2000 mg/L
Turbidity<1 NTU
Chlorine<1.0 mg/L

Replacement Parts for WaterMaker Five

The WaterMaker Five Reverse Osmosis System is the key to having clean, healthy drinking water in your home. Its filter cartridges are hygienically sealed, and designed for easy service and quick installation.

If you’re worried about complicated maintenance jobs, you’ll be happy to know that you can change the cartridges very easily without expensive tools. This system is built to last for many years with good maintenance. 

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