Upflow Carbon Filter System

About The Upflow Carbon Filter System

Your body is 60% water and essential functions like temperature regulation and detoxifying depend on it. Being a necessity of life, attention has to be given to the water we use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. That’s where the Upflow Carbon Filter comes in.

Our Texas water utility is mandated to follow strict State and Federal standards for purity. Therefore, all municipally and city treated water is chlorinated, which can affect the smell and taste of your water. The Upflow Carbon Filter System removes these high levels of chlorine and chloramines from your water before it passes into your water softening system. By removing these chemicals, you drastically extend the life of the resin in your water softener and remove the bad tastes and smells from your water.

Why Choose an Upflow Carbon Filter System?

The Upflow Carbon Filter System is equipment that improves the odor, taste, and safety of your water. This premium quality filter system is a combination of Coconut Shell Carbon & Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon that effectively reduces Chloramines and Chlorines which are prevalent in city water supplies. It’s designed as a prefiltration for your water softening system and helps to extend the life of your resin.

The Upflow system does not require a drain line or electricity and needs no chemical regeneration. It’s a highly dependable, efficient, and effective system that can make a huge difference in your water quality and it’s an excellent alternative to cartridge-style filters.

How Long Does It Last?

In the average Texas home, the normal lifespan of Carbon Media itself is between 2 to 5 years. The lifespan varies according to the water consumption, chlorine level in the water, and amount of contaminant load in the water.

As far as the system itself, you have a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the mineral tank as well as a 5-year warranty on the head and bypass valve. This system is both affordable and built to last.

Upflow Carbon Filter Technical Details

BF-IO-CAR/CAT-11” MPT1.010” Wide X 48” Height3 GPM/8 GPM
BF-IO-CAR/CAT-1.51” MPT1.510” Width X 58” Height3 GPM/9 GPM
BF-IO-CAR/CAT-2 1” MPT212” Width X 56” Height5 GPM/12 GPM
BF-IO-CAR/CAT-2.5 1.25” MPT2.513” Width X 58” Height 6 GPM/14 GPM

Upflow Carbon Filter Systems Media Specifications

Catalytic-High Activated Carbon (CAT-HAC)

This is a high-quality granular carbon base from coconut shell designed to reduce hydrogen sulfide and chloramines from water. Since it has a bigger micropore volume, it removes low organic molecular weight compounds and other chlorinated by-products.

Coconut Shell High Activated Carbon (CS-HAC)

This kind of activated carbon is abrasion resistant and has a high degree of hardness compared to other types. CS-HAC is designed to remove the tastes, odors, and dissolved organic chemicals from your water resulting in a better tasting, better smelling, healthier water.

upflow carbon filter system

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