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Pro eXstream 

One of the best systems you can get for your home is a Pro eXstream water softening unit. All systems under the Pro eXstream line are NSF 44 certified and come with a limited lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.

If you’re tired of the annoying effects of hard water, then it’s time to get a dependable solution. Every Pro eXstream water softener was developed for high flow water demands, as a requirement by all plumbing codes. All you need to do is consult the plumbing code charts for the size that best fits your property or call the professionals at JustUs Softening and we can help you determine the model you need. This specific model is readily available in many sizes and comes with a brilliant full-flow system with 1.33” interior distribution.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Not all water softening systems are the same. Before purchasing a water softener for your home, there are factors you want to consider which we included below:

Overall Value. The Pro eXstream series is the winner when it comes to overall value. It’s available in several models that can cater to various usage levels and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Meets the requirements of plumbing codes. This system is designed specifically for high water demands, in accordance with plumbing codes.

Efficiency. Pro eXstream softening systems are highly efficient, giving you soft water anytime you need it, on-demand.

Why Choose The Pro eXstream Series?

Pro-Exstream water-conditioning systems are designed as high-efficiency, high-value softening machines. Here are just a few of the benefits of the Pro eXstream:

Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers all primary components for a lifetime, from the valve body and ion exchange resin to the resin tank and salt tank. Meanwhile, all electronics and other parts are covered for 5 years.

Code-Conscious Design. Every Pro-Exstream system is designed to meet plumbing codes.

Non-Salt Option. This option is for those people with health concerns that need to watch their sodium consumption.

Smart Electronics. Smart electronics save water and salt by tracking water consumption, adjusting automatically to water usage changes.

High Flow Rates. Provides maximum flow rates for high water pressure.

Pro eXstream System Specifications

SystemGrainsBypassSystem SizeBrine Tank
CM-SA-255/760I-3232,0003/4"12.5 x 24 x 431 piece cabinet
SA-268/760I-4848,0001"11 x 11 x 5115 x 15 x 35
SA-268/760I-6060,0001"11 x 11 x 6115 x 15 x 35
SA-268/760I-7070,0001" or 1.25"12 x 12 x 5918 x 18 x 40

The Benefits of Pro eXstream Water Softener

A Pro eXstream Softener can help you experience the golden benefits of soft water in your home. Soft water is always preferable because of its moderate magnesium and calcium levels!

Convenience In The Kitchen

  • Reduce dish soap consumption by 75%
  • Save time scrubbing countertops and sinks
  • Say goodbye to dishwasher problems caused by hard water

Faster Laundry Time

  • Wear cleaner, softer clothes
  • Increase the longevity of your linen & clothing
  • No more washing machine problems caused by hard water
  • Reduce the use of detergent by 75%

No More Stubborn Bathroom Scum and Stains

  • Lessen the use of shampoo and bath soap by around 50%
  • Say goodbye to soap scum, spots and stains on sinks, tubs and showers

Well-Working Appliances and Plumbing Work

  • Improve water flow rates and pressure
  • Gradually lessen pipe build-up
  • Improve the efficiency of your water heater by up to 30%
  • Eliminate scum, streaks, and spots on appliances
  • Full flow control valves for high flow applications

Other Benefits of Using the Pro eXstream Water Softener

  • Electronic digital metered controls with NOVRAM electronics and 7-day forecasting
  • Reduces faucet damage
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • Healthier plants (No one wants to use chlorinated water in their garden!)
  • Removes unwanted taste from your drinking water.

Get Your Pro eXstream Water Softener Now!

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